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Complex MedTech cell co-build process for T2M

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Transition to Manufacturing

Your amazing product, first and foremost.

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Accelerate your product to full production readiness through our integrated Transition to Manufacturing (T2M) services.

Have a new or existing product you’d like to transfer to us?

By engaging with us early in your design process, we can provide the expertise needed to ensure your design is production-ready. We’ll work with you to create required documentation, identify resilient sourcing, and validate efficient build processes to successfully transfer your product to full-scale manufacturing.

Through a process we call co-building, engineers from both of our companies work side by side and review the product build process together. This level of collaborative teamwork has many benefits. The team gains a deeper understanding of the build and application requirements, design iterations are accelerated, BOMs optimized, and processes streamlined and validated.

To support the transition to production, we tailor our DFx services to specifically meet your needs. Services include:

  • DFM/A (Design for Manufacturability/ Design for Assembly) assesses manufacturing readiness, supports process development and validation up to and including pilot production on dedicated equipment
  • DFSC (Design for Supply Chain) focuses on Supply Chain optimization. This starts with deliberate part selection, to enable optimized part sourcing for cost, traceability and risk management
  • DFT (Design for Test) assesses what kinds of testing your product needs and whether those tests can be performed based on the current design. Once that is established, DFT can include test strategy design, test plan development and validation for the product and/or each sub-assembly
  • DFS (Design for Service) ensures that products are serviceable by design, and that there are validated methods in place for repair, refurbishment and/or upgrades if required

T2M services increase manufacturing quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. The experience of working together through co-building creates open communication and a very close relationship between our engineering teams. In addition to the immediate benefits to both companies, the relationship facilitates future revisions of products, and supports efficient new product introduction.

You’re the expert in creating the ideas and designs that lead to innovation. And we’re here to make manufacturing easy for you. Promise.

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