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Defense and Security

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At Cirtronics, we know that high-stakes equipment has to work straight out of the box, and continue to operate effectively throughout its lifetime. It’s not a goal; it’s a requirement we take seriously in all security and safety-sensitive applications.

Our long history of successfully serving this market sector is reflected in the diverse projects we’ve supported. Projects have included explosive sensing equipment used in the Airline Safety industry, to ruggedized Military robots that support our troops overseas by providing reconnaissance on roadsides and buildings prior to human passage or entry.

Night vision, cybersecurity, unmanned ground vehicles… bring us your Military, Aerospace or Security application and we’ll rise to the challenge. From our supply chain through quality management, we build mission-critical products as if lives depend on them. Because they do.

We are ITAR registered; ISO 9001:2015 certified. Learn more about our certifications.

Bring us your mission-critical project and we’ll rise to the challenge. Let’s build something amazing together.

Let’s build something amazing together

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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ITAR Registered, FDA Registered

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