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Cirtronics Testing Services

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To ensure quality and product conformity, Cirtronics provides test services from component testing, in-circuit testing, functional testing, and burn-in, to final product systems tests including test tracks and obstacle courses for mobile units. Our test services include full debug and fault isolation capabilities down to the component level.

From Design for Test reviews (which we offer as part of our Transition to Manufacturing services), to test services including system-level test and factory calibration, we’re ready to support your testing goals.

Testing Services

Our manufacturing test engineers will work with you to define and implement appropriate testing to verify your product’s performance and conformance.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a testing plan in place. Our test engineers can create test procedures for you and provide detailed documentation of the processes, equipment, and/or fixture designs that were needed for the testing of your product.

Final / System Testing

System-level testing verifies and validates operation of the final product.

We’re experienced in:

  • Integration of customer-supplied test platforms
  • Relationships with third-party test developers and fixture suppliers
  • Development of in-house test equipment, processes, tasks and tracks

PCBA Testing

We most often fabricate boards for systems we build. Board testing provides the earliest and most cost-effective intervention point in the manufacturing process to impact final system performance. Cirtronics owns a wide array of PCBA testing equipment and software including:

  • In-circuit testing (ICT)
  • Functional testing
  • JTAG / boundary scan
  • LabVIEW
  • Environmental testing including temperature and vibration (ESS)
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)
  • Flying probe

From Design for Test to Final System Testing, we are here to help support your testing goals every step of the way.

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