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Summary: Cirtronics, an experienced mission-critical contract manufacturer located in Southern New Hampshire, highlights how Precision Engagement® accelerates innovation by tailoring manufacturing services to meet the needs of complex and Medtech devices.

May 1, 2020, Milford, NH – Cirtronics is an experienced contract manufacturer located in southern New Hampshire. Cirtronics’ Precision Engagement® benefits Medtech companies looking to accelerate innovation by aligning manufacturing processes and related information systems with their product and market requirements. This simplifies the transition from design to manufacturing, freeing up design time for product innovation. As a contract manufacturer with deep experience and broad expertise in manufacturing complex products with rigorous quality requirements, Cirtronics can assist customers with Class I and Class II devices in navigating FDA procedures, tracking and documentation.

“At Cirtronics, we tailor our services and communication to each customer’s specific needs based on their product and goals—this is Precision Engagement”, says David Patterson, Chief Executive Officer and President at Cirtronics Corporation. “We are not a typical manufacturer. We bring our customers the benefit of our previous successful experiences so that we can support them as they navigate the complex and time-consuming approval process required for medical devices.”

Precision Engagement® is the alignment of all of our processes, services, communication, reporting, documentation to specifically meet the needs of each customer. With Medical Device customers, one size does not fit all. One company may benefit from focused design review and pre-production work to ensure supply chain resilience and manufacturing readiness, while another customer may need to leverage our ability to manage, track, and successfully deliver multiple product configurations.

Patterson continues, “More than 60% of our business is building complex systems. We are FDA registered, and understand how important quality, details and documentation are to our customers’ success. We are both proactive – in how we prepare for manufacturing – and responsive in how we navigate changes. Our invested and empowered workforce is dedicated to meeting our customers’ goals, and building excellent long-term relationships.”

About Cirtronics

Cirtronics is a great choice for customers looking to build a strategic, interdependent, collaborative relationship with their contract manufacturer. Founded in 1979 in Milford, New Hampshire by Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics’ foundation is built on the idea that each individual holds unique potential. The organization’s role is to identify and develop that potential through ongoing collaboration and engagement. The company’s mission is to serve and continually improve under its DUO (Do Unto Others) philosophy. DUO is practiced in every interac­tion with each of the “6 We Serve”: Customer, Corporation, Employee, Supplier, Environment and Community.

Since 2002, Cirtronics has offered an Employee Stock Owner­ship Program (ESOP), now at 40 percent ownership. Cirtronics’ culture of ownership runs through all aspects of the organi­zation, extending from relationships with suppliers through shipping of every single product. Employee-owners are direct stakeholders who recognize the customer as an extension of their own business. Dedicated to positive outcomes and pro­active engagement, employees bring their best to every inter­action with customers and to every decision impacting the company infrastructure and offerings. Additionally, Cirtronics is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, as well as FDA registered.