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We know how to manage risk

In these uncertain times, Cirtronics has taken a proactive approach. Our commodity-based supply chain methodology ensures reliable, cost-effective sourcing through advanced procurement methods and global monitoring initiatives. We build resilience and flexibility into our procurement processes. Rather than place orders and wait for the material to arrive (or not), the Cirtronics supply chain group regularly reaches out to suppliers to ensure the delivery of critical components. Our supply chain is deliberately deep and wide with a mixture of local, domestic and international partners. When the project is mission-critical, Cirtronics can partner with our customers to pre-purchase up to a year’s worth of material. In alignment with Precision Engagement®, we will tailor the material sourcing for your project to best fit your specific needs. Quality starts with the supply chain. Learn more about our Quality Management process, and our certifications.


Transparent communication with our partners allows us to be responsive and adaptable to changes and minimize impacts to on-time product delivery.

Our tools include SiliconExpert, managing awareness of material lifecycle and compliance status. We use AI-based monitoring systems to stay apprised of upcoming shortages or disruptions.

We use Quotefx, the industry-standard quoting software, to consolidate the BOM and leverage all supplier line cards and scorecards for the best possible part cost. Quotefx quickly provides different quote options based on best cost, best lead time, and least excess.


Cirtronics can provide component-level traceability to production orders to align with market/regulatory requirements to ensure containment and mitigate recall risk.

Cirtronics Material Inventory Control Systems:

Our Supplier Partners identify challenges well before they impact our customers’ build cycle. We use Commodity Aligned Procurement, a robust strategy for continuity of supply. In addition, we use various methods to ensure part availability, always aligned with each customer’s individual needs.

  • Automated Replenishment (automated reorder triggered by a specific inventory level) substantially increases productivity and reduces overall costs.
  • Kanban / Just in Time (JIT): To allow flexibility to changing demand and global challenges, our Supplier Partners will bond products at specific levels according to forecasts. This provides lower overhead for customers while maintaining part availability.
  • CORE: We hold inventory onsite via our Supplier On-site Stores Program we call CORE. This offers flexibility based on customer demand, both pull-ins, and push-outs. Onsite stores limit financial exposure to both Cirtronics and our customers and limit instances of unexpected shorts and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) reschedules.
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is a strategy of holding pre-purchased inventory onsite at a specific quantity based on forecasts to ensure we have the right part at the right time for your program.

Total Cost of Ownership

Driving down your total cost of ownership starts at the manufacturing readiness assessment phase. As part of our Transition to Manufacturing services, our Design for Supply Chain (DFSC) expertise takes a proactive approach to evaluate part availability and cost. Engaging early in your product development stage lets us analyze documentation for BOM cost reduction opportunities and expose potential part procurement challenges, obsolescence, and end-of-life to address part substitution and sourcing.

Our long-term strategic partnerships have key global and US sources. By partnering with suppliers based on their Line Card strengths, we can secure the best total cost of the Supply Chain.

Conflict Minerals

Cirtronics is committed to pursuing responsible procurement practices and encourages sourcing materials from socially responsible suppliers and refraining from purchasing materials from known conflict sources.

The products we build and our reputation rely on the strength, resilience, and quality of our supply chain.

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