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3d Printing Engineering Capability

What We Do


Your amazing product, first and foremost.

Developing a new product?

Engineering doesn’t start at production. It’s never too soon to talk with us. Even before your product design is complete—even if it’s still in the concept stage—conversations between your product developers and our manufacturing engineers can be extremely productive, resulting in a more robust and manufacturable product.

Have a new product?

Developing and documenting manufacturing processes requires engineering expertise. We offer Transition to Manufacturing (T2M) services to ensure a successful transition of your design into full scale manufacturing.

Looking to scale?

For us, engineering doesn’t stop when a product enters production. Fluctuations in demand, supply chain, market conditions, throughput, or simply the passage of time, provide opportunities to review product manufacturing processes. We can use co-builds to re-evaluate build efficiency, and BOM analysis to reduce costs and delivery times.

Building Multiple Configurations

Products that are built to order with multiple configurations require specialized expertise. Our engineers develop Configuration Management Instructions for all products with multiple SKUs. We use these CMIs from manufacturing to shipping to ensure your end user receives the correct product configuration.

Quality Engineering

Quality Management is key to all of our processes. Our Quality Engineers use statistical process control data to monitor, control and improve processes. Tools such as Factory Logix® by Aegis provide assembly documentation at point of use. Testing is a critical process step to providing the quality required by the products that we build. Our test engineers make sure appropriate test procedures are developed, applied, and the results tracked and evaluated. Our integrated IT and philosophy of business transparency mean process and test data can readily be shared with our customers if they desire. We treat quality assurance as if lives depend on it. Because they do.

Aftermarket Support

Repair depot? Check.
Refurbish or upgrade? Check.

Engineering Support doesn’t start or end at production. Working with our Engineers provides valuable insight as early as design conception or reevaluation, to manufacturing process optimization, all the way to aftermarket support. We’re here for you every step of the way.

Let’s build something amazing together

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