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We Build Robots

We build things that move.

Our niche is complex, full-system builds (including boards, subassemblies, final system assembly and integration). Our successful experience building ruggedized military UGV, marine UUV, AMRs, autonomous telepresence robots, robotic medical equipment and surgical assistive devices, means we know what it takes to be a successful manufacturing partner.

No one knows your design better than you do. Even the most advanced prototype requires efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process design. Cirtronics works collaboratively with your engineering team to ensure successful transition to manufacturing (T2M). Our T2M services include reviews for manufacturability, testing, and supply chain.

We have experience building, testing and shipping a variety of robots for mission-critical applications. Our test engineers can build custom test tracks in our facility for calibration and verification of Ground Unit performance prior to shipping.

Whether you have a UUV, UGV, UAV, AMR, or UAM…or if you’ve designed an industrial co-bot, let’s talk about your application and see how our experience can best serve your goals.

Whether your product has fins, wheels, treads or wings, we’re here for you

Let’s build something amazing together

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ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ITAR Registered, FDA Registered

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