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Your amazing product, first and foremost.

Cirtronics’ logistics services are tailored to your needs. As a full service manufacturer, our vertical integration decreases costs by eliminating compound markup and unnecessary travel costs. Our logistics services range from supply chain to direct fulfillment to your customers and aftermarket support.

Supply Chain Logistics

Our logistics strategy begins at part sourcing. We offer traceability, serial to serial tracking, and DHR (Device History Record) documentation.


We can support even the most complex direct order fulfillment programs. We routinely manage multiple SKUs for customers from several to more than 250 active part numbers which we configure-to-order, and then ship both domestically and/or internationally in customer-branded packaging.

Direct Fulfillment Services

  • Build to Order (BTO)
  • Configure to Order (CTO)
  • Custom packaging and labeling to support your brand
  • Distribution and transportation
  • End-to-end tracking: Build-ship-delivery
  • Emergency shipments

 From Our Warehouse

  • Finished Goods Inventory Programs
  • Kanban Programs

Shipping and Local Delivery

As your logistics partner we will find the most efficient, cost effective way to ship. Our goal is to be as responsive to your needs as possible. We will work with you to create a shipping process that is in alignment with your requirements. Don’t be surprised if you see our branded vans and trucks on the road. It’s one more way we make it easier for you.

Aftermarket (Repair/Refurbishment/Upgrades)

As the manufacturer of your product, our knowledge of your system positions us as a natural behind the scenes repair depot and refurbishment center. We house spares and provide upgrades. Learn more about our Repair and Refurbishment services.

From supply chain to direct fulfillment, Cirtronics logistics’ vertical integration means you get what you need when you need it without unnecessary markups.

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