Choosing a Manufacturing Partner
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Choosing a Product Manufacturing Partner

Partner - better half, mate, significant other

Talk about pressure! When selecting a product manufacturing partner in Massachusetts, New Hampshire or anywhere in the United States, we hope to sign on our “better half”, that “significant other” that we share a crucial action with: advancing your products to market. Quality products that work the first time and every time. With such a lofty goal, choosing the right partner takes on a new sense of urgency. Your company is depending on it.

Traits of a strong product manufacturing partner

  • Cost model transparency
  • Sound financial business practices
  • Global supply chain flexibility
  • Engaging NPI process
  • Robust process infrastructure
  • Conception to Product Launch support systems
  • Quantifiable controls with measured results
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Customer-centric culture
  • Spotless facilities utilizing the latest technologies
  • Wherewithal to ramp production rapidly
  • Highly competitive overhead and labor rates


Warning signs of a suspect manufacturer

  • Price and delivery only
  • Desire to have customer provide materials (weak cash position)
  • Poor credit rating with inconsistent financial results
  • Mostly domestic supply chain
  • Lack of Kanban/kitting/fulfillment capabilities
  • Unclear, weak NPI process and team
  • Lack of strong process controls
  • Limited manufacturing services offering
  • Poor quality/workmanship with no oversight/measurement
  • Inward/internal focus
  • Dirty facility, outdated equipment, capacity constrained
  • Inconsistent/non-competitive quotes


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