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Bringing Product Manufacturing Ideas to Life

 Traditionally, product lifecycle begins with a great concept. Concept became design. Production built protos. Protos went to test. Test results drove design tweaks. Those tweaks created new drawings. Production team built new protos. And so the vicious cycle continued. Some day, soon, your product would reach the market and generate serious revenue. This traditional process is time consuming.

No more. This is the future.

Cirtronics will work with you to break the cycle. Our product manufacturing engineers engage your design team prior to producing prototypes. We recognize the inherent value in capturing manufacturability and testability issues early on, prior to building product. It makes no sense to waste valuable time and resources creating mistakes. We’ll help you avoid those mistakes so that you can get on to the next great concept. We work with clients from Massachusetts, New Hampshire and all across the United States.

In addition to the successful launch of your product, we can help ease your mind when it comes to the myriad challenges you face: demand acceleration; inventory risk mitigation; product lifecycle support; low-cost region concerns; disaster recovery plans; regulatory requirements; competitive pressures. With you, we’ll develop a partnering plan to help you reach your financial goals while we sweat the details.

Think of Cirtronics as your manufacturer of the future. Today. Learn how to get started.


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