New Product Introduction
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Engagement Prior to Prototyping – New Product Introduction

Understanding that the best products start with a designer’s passion and creativity, Cirtronics product manufacturing provides a solid pathway to a successful product launch. New Product Introduction (NPI) is treated as a mandatory framework for every new project that comes through the facility. Our integrated process was created to handle NPI seamlessly. Your Dedicated Account Manager streamlines communication, beginning with a thorough review of documentation with our engineering team. The operations team then works collaboratively to identify and develop the tools and processes required to get your product to market on time and on budget.

Our goal is to successfully launch production, while eliminating risks to product quality, schedules, finances and ultimately, customer satisfaction. NPI is crucial, therefore Cirtronics provides:
  • Dedicated NPI team and process
  • Formalized board and design analysis
  • Turnkey or Consigned sourcing
  • Pre and Post Manufacturability Analysis
  • BOM Analysis - loaded and setup prepped for Volume Production
  • Strong ECO control
  • Flexibility in scheduling prototypes
  • Quality Data Management System
  • Test/Inspection Procedure Creation / Validation
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