Is Your Product Manufacturable?
Morpho Detection - Habri Mekedem, Military/Aerospace/Security Testimonial

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Product Manufacturability 

 Manufacturability: what does that really mean? In plain terms, can your product be manufactured cost effectively, using the latest technology, to work right the first time and all of the time.

Cirtronics product manufacturing experts utilize a variety of software tools, real-life analytics and industry experience to provide a thorough analysis of the robustness of your design. This isn’t judgment upon your design team; it’s really just another set of eyes. Expertise, compounded by countless hours reviewing a wide variety of designs, is what our engineers bring to the table. Why not utilize this skill set to drive better results?

Provide us with the most complete documentation you have, including Gerbers, CAD files, assembly drawings, fab drawings, schematics, test procedures, BOMs, other special instructions and even early protos, if you have them. Let’s collaborate: our teams can review expectations, timelines and critical parameters. Based upon this gathering of information, we will produce a clear picture of those challenges that lie between where you are now and your production ramp. We can help devise a plan to quickly address any issues and build first articles that exceed your expectations.

It’s all about removing obstacles. Think of Cirtronics as your partner. Today. Learn how to get started.


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