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Understanding the Value of Employee Ownership from Different Points of View

From the Owner-to-Owner website: “The goal of this series is to have owner to owner discussions about a range of ownership, experience and culture topics, and bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.”

In the second of a series of related podcasts that aired in October 2022, Owner-to-Owner host Jesse Tyler moderates a discussion between three of Cirtronics’ employee owners: Kerri Watson, Jake Girouard, and Matt Duchesne. They share personal insights on what ownership means to them, their EO A-ha moments, and why anyone seeking work should consider a career at Cirtronics.

“Everything you’re doing is adding value to your company and to yourself… [Employee ownership] builds that community bond, making it more than ‘oh they’re just my coworkers’.”

Our commitment to employee-ownership is central to our culture. We’re a manufacturing company with a human heart, and we truly think you’ll hear that in these podcast episodes.

Speakers Include:

  • Host: Jesse Tyler of Owner-to-Owner
  • Kerri Watson, Cirtronics Employee Owner
  • Jake Girouard, Cirtronics Employee Owner
  • Matt Duchesne, Cirtronics Employee Owner

Listen Here:

O2O Ep. 28 – Cirtronics’ Employee Owners

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