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Reshore and Regain Control with Cirtronics

We are a contract manufacturer based in Milford, NH with over 40 years’ experience meeting the exacting standards of military, medical and robotics customers.

This short video shows how you can regain control by reshoring your manufacturing with us. We specialize in building complex systems for rigorous applications and highly regulated markets.

Reshoring increased significantly during 2020. Challenges related to global issues made companies much more aware of the many risks associated with manufacturing outside the US. By bringing manufacturing back home, companies are helping the economy by supporting domestic job growth. They’re also supporting their own bottom lines by regaining control and decreasing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The following data was shared with us from the author of the Reshoring Initiative®️ 2020 Data Report on The first graph shows the increase in job announcements due to reshoring. The second graph shows the recent impacts on TCO.

Reshorenow Blog Exhibit 2 1
Exhibit 2: In 2020 reshoring surged to a recorssd high of 109,000 jobs announced.
Reshorenow Blog Exhibit 3a
Exhibit 3a: The percentage of work that is most profitably sourced domestically raises from 8% to 32% when the sourcing metric shifts from FOB price to TCO.

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