Owner To Owner Podcast 310

Employee Ownership can bring so much value, but is not widely understood.

From the Owner-to-Owner website: “The goal of this series is to have owner to owner discussions about a range of ownership, experience and culture topics, and bring more insight into the individual ownership experience.”

In this two-part series aired in late 2021, host Jesse Tyler moderates a discussion between Cirtronics’ Gary Boutillier and John Durgin of King Arthur Baking Company.

They share their individual experiences of being employee owners, and what ownership means to them at their respective companies. Employee ownership can feel complex, so they also break down the concept of how employee owned companies can be structured in a way that is easy to understand.

Speakers Include

  • Moderator: Jesse Tyler of Owner-to-Owner
  • Gary Boutillier, Cirtronics Corporation
  • John Durgan, King Arthur Baking

Listen Here:

Episode 7 (part 1)

Episode 8 (part 2)