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After Market Support and Reverse Logistics

Cirtronics recognizes the importance of having a Repair Depot and Reclamation Services onsite. We understand that all products have an expected longevity, it is vital to the success of our partnership to maximize the service life effectively.

Aftermarket Customer Service

Cirtronics’ focus is to integrate, not separate, when a product has reached maturation in the life cycle. This is a seamless process to ensure real-time repair, upgrade or reclamation, and should be tailored to the customer’s requirements. Using Maintenance and Repair to extend the life of a product is a value-added alternative to surplus inventory and material waste. If you are looking for a partnership to support the next phase of your product’s life cycle, Cirtronics is that partner. We provide these customized services to support your product’s life cycle:

  • Depot Repair
  • Product Upgrades and/or Modifications
  • Field Service
  • Transportation Warehousing
  • Warranty and Non-Warranty Repairs
  • Failure Analysis
  • Spare Parts Management
  • Reverse & Sustaining Engineering Support
  • Recalibration & Recondition
  • Serialization and Customer Tracking Support
  • RoHS-Compliant or Leaded Production Support


End of Life Support

Cirtronics’ sourcing team possesses diverse procurement knowledge and market analysis expertise, along with the resources of our Supply Chain programs - this will mitigate the effects of Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Shortages (DMS or DMSMS). Additionally, Silicon Expert allows our team to foresee potential material shortages before they happen, thus allowing you to make well-informed end-of-life decisions.


Working as an extension of our customer’s operation, Cirtronics will help to analyze solutions to reclaim the materials used throughout the production process. Cirtronics’ Account Manager will provide quarterly updates on any excess material and work with the customer to review any solutions to reuse/recycle such materials on next generation builds or other options.

Our Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) serves and educates environmental awareness by initiating Corporate Recycling Efforts and recognized by Waste Cap for environmental efforts. We are dedicated not only to Sustainability but also to our customer’s organization through saving cost and reusing materials.

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