Design-2-Part CT 2022 - Booth #340

We excel in manufacturing complex builds for rigorous and regulated applications such as security, robotics, and medical devices, from full systems to the board level.

We have 40+ years of experience meeting the needs of diverse customers and projects. Our expertise in Supply Chain strategy, manufacturing readiness, and dedication to excellence and continuous improvement make us a great fit for quality-intensive projects. We work collaboratively- working with you as a partner. And, as with all relationships, communication and expectation management are key to success.

We’re big enough to have the capacity, experience, cutting edge equipment and cross-trained employees for the most rigorous builds, while small enough that we are able to treat every single customer and program with the care and respect that reflects your importance to us.

If you’re looking to outsource to a local CMO, reshore, increase capacity or find a better fit, we’d love to talk.

Design-2-Part in CT draws people seeking manufacturing partners for their innovative marine, defense/security, robotic, medical device and industrial projects. We’d love to put our experience to work for you.