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In memoriam: a tribute and dedication to our dear friend and colleague Deena Spanos

Our Queen of Lean
and Forever Cheerleader

Our long time Cirtronics family member, Deena Spanos, passed away in February 2023, after a 13-year battle with cancer. Deena’s loss will be with us forever, but we will treasure our memories with her and continue to celebrate the amazing and strong woman she was. Please enjoy these poetic words from our own Jim McCall, as a memorial to Deena’s life, light, and legacy.

In Loving Memory Of Deena Spanos

For 26 Years
You gave us your heart
With passion and caring
Right from the start

You nurtured our Customers
Helped us to grow
Stood in front of the Company
To assure we’d all know

Your cheers helped inspire
Always made us Believe
You knew the potential
That we collectively achieve

Made each person feel welcome
And embraced who they are
With a smile and a laugh
We knew you were the star

Your spirit is now part of
Each hallway and room
It’s brilliant and beautiful
Like flowers in bloom

Your smile now a memory
That we’ll carry each day
Thanks for all you shared
You’ve shown us the way

An Ode to Deena’s 25 Years of Service

This blonde-haired cheerleader,
who showed up at our door.
Interview, interview…
Was it two, three, or four?

No, in total it was seven,
the record still set.
We needed to make sure
company needs could be met.

With her passion and caring
she moved through each day,
and set the price for each customer,
to make sure that they pay.

This UNH grad,
who was smart as a whip,
wore her heart on her sleeve
and often shot from the hip.

A bit of a tomboy
who loved every sport
was an HR nightmare
with her skirt far too short.

Had a smirk and a snort,
as we laughed till we cried.
Just put up the challenge,
she could beat any guy!

With each day and each battle,
she fought to the end,
and for us we’re just lucky
to call her our friend.

In Loving Memory Of 3