DeviceTalks Tuesday Interview with Vicarous Surgical

Outsourcing works. But is it right for you?

Medical device makers can’t take short-cuts when creating a new life-saving device. But they can outsource some of the more critical work IF they know how to find the right collaborators. Introducing a medical product requires expertise in design and manufacturing. This panel of experts will discuss key factors that influence success when designing and transitioning a device into production. While there are no shortcuts, early cooperation between the medical device company and partners are key to facilitating design optimization and a successful ramp up to full-scale manufacturing of quality intensive medical devices.

Discussion topics include:

  • Determining whether outsourcing is right for you – pros and cons
  • Ways partners can help reduce project risk
  • Understanding and documenting the lifecycle financial benefits
  • Getting the right decision makers involved – include marketing
  • Finding and vetting partners – what to look for
  • Creating healthy, productive relationships with your partners

Speakers Include