Nh Svic

Cirtronics, a socially responsible contract manufacturer located in Southern New Hampshire, will be a sponsor of the annual New Hampshire Social Venture Innovation Challenge (SVIC), culminating in the finals on November 29th, 2018.

The inaugural NH SVIC was created by the University of New Hampshire in 2013 in partnership with Nobel Peace Prize winner, social business and microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus. Hosted by UNH’s Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise, this competition aims at fostering a culture of creative problem solving for pressing social and environmental issues.

Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics President/CEO, “We are honored to support this competition as a sponsor because it is a natural fit for us and our values.” Ferlins continues, “The UNH Center for Social Innovation and Enterprise, and the SVIC are taking creativity and pragmatism and applying them to the realm of solving social issues.”

Why is Cirtronics a sponsor?

When asked why Cirtronics decided to sponsor SVIC, Leader of People and Culture, Linda Langsten said, “Several things motivate us to sponsor the SVIC. First and foremost is the belief that our community and the environment are stakeholders in our organization. That means we have a share in the responsibility for finding solutions to important challenges. Supporting SVIC is one of the ways we embrace that responsibility. Another motivation for our support of SVIC is the desire to help students see their own potential to create positive change. Team members at Cirtronics are encouraged to participate in problem solving, collaborate extensively and continuously create positive change. We believe that students, as future members of the workforce, can only benefit from the opportunity SVIC provides to develop that mindset.” Linda added. “We believe social responsibility is an important part of culture and element of our corporate success. We would like to think our sponsorship of SVIC can inspire other organizations to view social responsibility the same way.”

Putting Values to Work

Again, Ferlins, “Working with UNH to sponsor this challenge will allow us to participate in supporting innovative thinking and positive social change. Students and community members who enter or attend the finals will be able to see many ways that social responsibility and technology can coexist. We look forward to connecting with more students and experienced professionals who share that view.”

About Cirtronics

Cirtronics is a great choice for customers looking to build a strategic, interdependent, collaborative relationship with their contract manufacturer. Founded in 1979 in Milford, New Hampshire by Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics’ foundation is built on the idea that each individual holds unique potential. The organization’s role is to identify and develop that potential through ongoing collaboration and engagement. The company’s mission is to serve and continually improve under its DUO (Do Unto Others) philosophy. DUO is practiced in every interac­tion with each of the “6 We Serve”: Customer, Corporation, Employee, Supplier, Environment and Community.

Since 2002, Cirtronics has offered an Employee Stock Owner­ship Program (ESOP), now at 40 percent ownership. Cirtronics’ culture of ownership runs through all aspects of the organi­zation, extending from relationships with suppliers through shipping of every single product. Employee-owners are direct stakeholders who recognize the customer as an extension of their own business. Dedicated to positive outcomes and pro­active engagement, employees bring their best to every inter­action with customers and to every decision impacting the company infrastructure and offerings. Additionally, Cirtronics is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, as well as FDA registered.