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Cirtronics is a woman-owned manufacturer located in southern New Hampshire. An international group of primarily female entrepreneurial guests visited Cirtronics to learn how to cultivate a culture of service and inclusion.

The tour program was part of the U.S. Department of State partnership with the World Affairs Council of New Hampshire focused on Women and Entrepreneurship. Cirtronics was a tour of choice because of its positive reputation in the community as a service-based leader and a woman-owned contract manufacturer.

Gerardine Ferlins, “We were honored to be selected as a tour site for this program. It shows how important it is to highlight successful women-owned companies to other female leaders. This group of smart, ambitious and talented young women were able to see what their companies can become if they stay true to their vision.” Ferlins continues, “Many requested insights into our culture creation and sustainability. It starts with a vision of service. How do I serve my employees, my customers and my community? And this leads to a shared sense of responsibility, along with feelings of inclusion, and naturally occurring teamwork and collaboration.”

Tour Feedback

Yale Soares is a Project Leader who promotes entrepreneurial training to women in Masters and PhD programs in Brazil. She provided this feedback, “I was really impressed by the company and the culture Mrs. Ferlins created with over 200 collaborators. The thing I liked the most, besides having a woman in front of a technology company, is the idea of servant leadership. This is exactly what I believe. A leader is someone ready to serve the others and facilitate their job inside the institution. I was very impressed by how a strong culture and an active HR works well with a company of over 200 people. “

Creating a Culture of Ownership

When asked her insights into how to succeed in creating such a strong culture of service and belonging, Gerardine Ferlins offered the following, “One of my main messages is simple but challenging. Know yourself: Know who you are, your ethics, values, and belief systems. There is no one blueprint for success. Trust yourself. Keep doing things your way, and this will gather those around you who want to work that way too. A culture where people truly feel wanted and engaged will result in productivity.”

Another tour attendee remarked, “I really enjoyed the visit at Cirtronics. It was inspiring to see how they make every effort to empower their employees to make them feel like they are part of the success and growth!”

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About Cirtronics

Cirtronics is a great choice for customers looking to build a strategic, interdependent, collaborative relationship with their contract manufacturer. Founded in 1979 in Milford, New Hampshire by Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics’ foundation is built on the idea that each individual holds unique potential. The organization’s role is to identify and develop that potential through ongoing collaboration and engagement. The company’s mission is to serve and continually improve under its DUO (Do Unto Others) philosophy. DUO is practiced in every interac­tion with each of the “6 We Serve”: Customer, Corporation, Employee, Supplier, Environment and Community.

Since 2002, Cirtronics has offered an Employee Stock Owner­ship Program (ESOP), now at 40 percent ownership. Cirtronics’ culture of ownership runs through all aspects of the organi­zation, extending from relationships with suppliers through shipping of every single product. Employee-owners are direct stakeholders who recognize the customer as an extension of their own business. Dedicated to positive outcomes and pro­active engagement, employees bring their best to every inter­action with customers and to every decision impacting the company infrastructure and offerings. Additionally, Cirtronics is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, as well as FDA registered.