Complex Assembly Build

Cirtronics believes its people are its most valuable resource. The New Hampshire-based contract manufacturer has remained grounded in teamwork, trust, courage, integrity and a commitment to customers since its founding by Gerardine Ferlins in 1979.

Today, the now employee-owned company continues to invest in excellence in all areas to support highly complex, quality-oriented products. Cirtronics’ extensive engineering, production, account management and supply chain expertise provides flexible support from a customer’s initial product vision through to full production and beyond.

Expertise Makes the Difference

While many larger-scale manufacturers offer defined programs intended to pump out high volumes of product annually, Cirtronics remains focused on mid-volume, complex products that require depth of skill, time, energy and a wide range of knowledge. It’s Cirtronics’ attention to detail, adaptation of services to align with each customer’s specific needs, and their range of expertise that set them apart.

Designing Manufacturability

Cirtronics T2M (Transition to Manufacturing) services help customers assess their product design through a thorough design-for-manufacturability review. The evaluation includes not just production readiness but also streamlining the bill of materials, creating necessary processes, documentation, and test plans.

Cirtronics shortens the time-consuming cycle that is product development by engaging design teams in the initial stages. “We recognize the monetary and logistical value in addressing manufacturability and testability issues early on, prior to building a product,” says George Mandragouras, CFO of Cirtronics. “It just doesn’t make sense to spend valuable time and resources on issues that could have been detected and solved when there would be less impact.”

Above and Beyond

Cirtronics’ abilities include mechanical and electromechanical system assembly, as well as test services and logistics.

In addition to the successful launch of products into the marketplace, Cirtronics helps to ease the logistical burden on customers by navigating numerous challenges involving demand fluctuations, inventory risk mitigation, product lifecycle support, disaster recovery plans and competitive after-market pressures. And Cirtronics operates within multiple markets, including robotics, medical and health tech, military/security, industrial, and emerging technologies.

“Our customers rely on us to sweat the details and make the process efficient,” shares George. “They look to us for creative solutions to complex issues. When you’re building for robotics, security, and medical device companies who are developing products for military applications, or cardiac imaging, or explosives detection, challenges abound. Our flexibility and problem-solving expertise benefit everyone.”

A Collaborative Culture

“Our culture is the most important, sustainable aspect of what we do here; it helps remind us to believe in what we do and how we do it,” reveals George. “We believe a strong culture of emotionally invested team members provides our competitive edge.” In 2002 Cirtronics adopted its ESOP program, furthering the company’s team-oriented philosophy. “It doesn’t matter if you’re the vice president or a service representative, we come together to make decisions,” adds George. “All of us work together to find solutions.”

According to George, employee ownership and company culture also set Cirtronics apart from its competitors. “The average Cirtronics employee has been with the company for about 14 years,” George reveals. “We have many people who are cross-trained in different areas, and everyone is very skilled at what they do. But it’s not just skill level that makes us successful. It’s their positive solutions-driven attitude and willingness to collaborate and cooperate that makes us different. Our culture of ownership means we’re truly invested in our customers’ success. The ESOP program isn’t just something we’ve adopted; it’s who we are as a company.”

Since its inception in 1979, Cirtronics has a unique collaborative spirit that runs throughout the company and into the communities it serves. George believes in the Cirtronics difference. “Our human, customer-first approach, and our full-service expertise more than rival much larger competitor’s offerings.”

Cirtronics continues to innovate, helping customers accelerate from concept to production and beyond.

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