Mfg Day2017

Summary: Cirtronics, a Contract Manufacturer in Southern New Hampshire, hosted 45 students from Souhegan High School in Amherst, NH for a National Manufacturing Day event on Friday, October 6th, that included a live presentation by Mechanical Mayhem, a FIRST Robotics team, followed by a tour of the Cirtronics manufacturing facility.

Milford, NH, October, 2017— Cirtronics, a Contract Manufacturer in Southern New Hampshire, hosted 45 high school students for a manufacturing day event on Friday, October 6th, 2017 featuring Mechanical Mayhem, a FIRST Robotics team, and a facility tour.

Manufacturing Day is a national event created in 2012 specifically to introduce the next generation to modern manufacturing and encourage interest in manufacturing careers. By hosting coordinated events all across the country, manufacturers are able to show the next generation what is often difficult to tell—what it is really like to be a manufacturing company, what the challenges are, and what it feels like to work in the industry.

Cirtronics’ Manufacturing Day annual events are opportunities for local high school students to see where and how technology is built. For the past two years, Cirtronics has partnered with Mechanical Mayhem to expand that experience to include an interactive demonstration to further increase interest in applied technology. This year, Mechanical Mayhem brought their new robot and students watched a live demonstration and had an opportunity to directly engage in discussions with their peers — the FIRST Robotics team members.

Nancy Streeter, mentor of FIRST Robotics Team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem: “The Mechanical Mayhem FIRST Robotics team was privileged to help our sponsor, Cirtronics, with their Manufacturing Day Event where we shared our enthusiasm for FIRST Robotics! The Mayhem students presented our team’s design philosophy and the various types of materials we use to manufacture our 120-pound robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics challenge each year. The Souhegan High School students proved to be a great audience, impressing us right from the moment they entered by filling up the front row of seats first. They asked great questions after the presentation, and most students took a turn driving Lady Launch-a-Lot. Manufacturing Day at Cirtronics exceeded all expectations! We thank the Cirtronics family for making this opportunity possible!”

After the exciting Robotics demonstration, the students were given a tour of the Cirtronics facility to learn more about the unique role contract manufacturing plays in building products. Students were able to directly experience the culture, high-tech equipment, processes and dedication to quality required of successful contract manufacturing of robotic, medical and security devices.

“We love hosting events for Manufacturing Day because it’s a great way to introduce modern manufacturing to the next generation, and it allows them to experience the way things are built and how we work”, says Gerardine Ferlins, President and CEO of Cirtronics. “We love engaging students in this way, and – of course—we hope that some are inspired to pursue careers in manufacturing.”

Ferlins continues, “We get to support the education of our next generation through direct interactions and experiential learning. This not only supports the future of manufacturing, but also encourages broader creative thinking about technology. Thanks to the robotics demonstration, these kids leave here excited about technology, and – after touring our site—they’re much more aware about what it means to bring technology from concept to product.”

Cirtronics offers leading edge technical capabilities and experience, integrated lean manufacturing methods, and a true dedication to quality. Combining these with a sincere focus on fostering proactive and positive customer relationships through Precision Engagement®, Cirtronics is in the business of building relationships as well as products.

About Cirtronics

Cirtronics is a great choice for customers looking to build a strategic, interdependent, collaborative relationship with their contract manufacturer. Founded in 1979 in Milford, New Hampshire by Gerardine Ferlins, Cirtronics’ foundation is built on the idea that each individual holds unique potential. The organization’s role is to identify and develop that potential through ongoing collaboration and engagement. The company’s mission is to serve and continually improve under its DUO (Do Unto Others) philosophy. DUO is practiced in every interac­tion with each of the “6 We Serve”: Customer, Corporation, Employee, Supplier, Environment and Community.

Since 2002, Cirtronics has offered an Employee Stock Owner­ship Program (ESOP), now at 40 percent ownership. Cirtronics’ culture of ownership runs through all aspects of the organi­zation, extending from relationships with suppliers through shipping of every single product. Employee-owners are direct stakeholders who recognize the customer as an extension of their own business. Dedicated to positive outcomes and pro­active engagement, employees bring their best to every inter­action with customers and to every decision impacting the company infrastructure and offerings. Additionally, Cirtronics is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, as well as FDA registered.