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Milford, NH, May 21, 2013 – Cirtronics Corporation announces the following significant new capital equipment investments. In its efforts to continuously improve the high level of quality that customers have come to expect, its focus is to support their continued growth through timely investments. Most recently:



The Pillarhouse Jade Selective Solder machine is considerably easier to program, operate and occupies a smaller footprint on the shop floor as opposed to earlier solutions. The benefits will include better vertical fill and reduced thermal shock, few skips or missed solder joints, better process controls and reduced risk of contamination and damage to assemblies.

With a focus on increased rework and upgrade capabilities, the PDR IR-C3 Chipmate SMT Rework System provides operators with another tool for replacing high precision SMT components with greater efficiency.

To continually improve our SMT process and throughput, Cirtronics has purchased two next generation MY100DX Pick and Place machines. These are high speed and precise all-on-one SMT component placement machines with expanded placement capability of complex component packages and built in passive component testing capabilities for increased accuracy.

“Cirtronics is committed to providing high-quality, complex products, so it is vital to our customers’ future success that we make smart investments. Our Engineering and Quality teams are constantly evaluating the level of investment required when manufacturing each and every product.” David Patterson, Chief Operating Officer at Cirtronics Corporation.

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Cirtronics is a leading provider of Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) to the Medical, Defense, Clean Tech, Communications and Industrial markets. Cirtronics is a financially independent company vested in the success of its customers providing vision to product realization. Cirtronics is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP) that qualifies for US government woman-owned and small business status.




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