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Experience Precision Engagementâ„¢ at Design-2-Part

Cirtronics to Highlight Precision Engagement™ at the Design-2-Part Show in Marlborough, MA September 31-October 1, 2015

Cirtronics, your promise of reliable, worry-free contract manufacturing, located in New England, is excited to announce it will be attending at the Design-2-Part Show in Marlborough, Massachusetts, September 31-October 1, 2015, Booth# 518.

The Cirtronics team will be highlighting how Precision Engagement™, an integrated system of purposeful, proactive, tailored communication and support, facilitates seamless project evolution taking the design to production and aftermarket support.

“Precision Engagement™ is not new to us. What’s new is our realization of how important it is to communicate the benefits of Precision Engagement™, and what it means to our customers, since it truly sets us apart.” says Gerardine Ferlins, President and CEO of Cirtronics. “Innovative product development companies are seeking true manufacturing partners who can add significant value by way of product manufacturing, distribution, and aftermarket services. Precision Engagement™ means we add customer-centered value in every step of the entire product development process.”

Ferlins continues, “Bringing our message of Precision Engagement™ to Design-2-Part means we get to meet and talk to potential customers. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce our team and how we communicate and to share what we have to offer”.

Combining cutting edge technical capabilities and experience, dedication to quality, and a sincere focus on fostering proactive and positive customer relationships, Cirtronics builds confidence as well as products.

Cirtronics is an employee owned and operated contract manufacturer for electronics, electro-mechanical assemblies and box builds for a wide range of markets including robotics, med/tech, communications, aerospace, military, security, industrial, and others. To learn more about Cirtronics and Precision Engagement™, visit us at the Design-2-Part show, Booth# 518 or visit our website