Design for Supply Chain (DFSC)
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Design for Supply Chain

DFX is often defined as Design for Excellence, and commonly includes DFM, DFA, DFT, and DFS. But there’s another X that is critical to a project’s success but is often overlooked: Design for Supply Chain (DFSC).

Assessing a product as early as possible in the design process validates part selection and enables robust Supply Chain development. At Cirtronics, we provide an in-depth review of the BOM (Bill of Materials). Each design is assessed from the perspective of supply chain security, resilience and agility.

After validating part specifications, we can then leverage our established and trusted supplier partnerships. We also use an AI-driven system for monitoring and forecasting market conditions to increase confidence in part availability and pricing. Tailored supply chains decrease exposure to risks caused by volatility in part availability and the risk of product delivery disruption, delays, and excess costs. This enables our manufacturing teams to confidently create build processes for seamless transition of products to manufacturing (T2M).

Early part auditing, well-vetted and reliable sourcing, ongoing monitoring, and contingency planning are the core of DFSC. Collaboration, transparency, and attention to detail is how we work at Cirtronics. And this is why we are a trusted and successful manufacturing partner for quality-sensitive, complex projects for companies in the robotics, medical, security, and military markets.

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