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Remembering Robert C. McCray

Our beloved Cirtronics founder, Bob McCray, has passed away, we mourn the loss as a family and honor his legacy. Bob lived an exemplary personal life and was a consummate professional throughout his business career. He was loved, respected and admired by all who knew him. His lifelong passion was to pass along his knowledge and insight to young startups and make the journey into entrepreneurship exciting and gratifying.

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Our Business

Cirtronics Marketing Sheet

We are an experienced Boston-Area contract manufacturer specializing in electronics, electro-mechanical assemblies and box builds for a wide range of quality-sensitive high tech markets including robotics, medtech, communications, aerospace, military, security and industrial.

We put you first. That's Precision Engagement®

Precision Engagement® means we tailor our processes and services to meet the needs of each customer - from co-building to support transition to production and agile supply chain planning, to full production, fulfillment and after market support.

Cooperation, Communication and Collaboration

Combining leading edge technical capabilities with proactive and collaborative customer relationships through Precision Engagement® and DFx, Cirtronics is in the business of building confidence as well as high-quality products.

Cirtronics is an Employee Owned Company (ESOP) that qualifies for US government woman-owned and small business status, and is ITAR and FDA Registered.

Our Strong Financial Base

Cirtronics is a financially independent company, privately held, allowing us to truly support the business ventures of our customers, offering a stable and reliable environment.

Our Mission Statement

To Serve and Continuously Improve under the DUO -- Do Unto Others -- Philosophy

Our Identity

People make the difference. People with passion have an even greater impact. Culture is the most important sustainable, competitive advantage of any company. Cirtronics’ culture is built on teamwork, trust, courage, integrity and commitment. We are believers at Cirtronics. We believe in the success of our customers’ products and our organization. We are all member-owners through the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP), owning 40% of the company. Our vision is that a corporation can extend beyond itself to truly serve its customers, suppliers, employees, corporation, environment and community.

Our Growth

Our business strategy focuses on entrepreneurial approaches to new and important strategic challenges, with a sustained emphasis on consistent growth.


Gerardine Ferlins (President/CEO) is the guiding influence over the evolution and growth of Cirtronics. Gerardine’s career began as a medical social worker, a teacher and later in roles within a traditional manufacturing business environment at Worcester Controls. When Robert McCray sold Worcester Controls, he offered Gerardine the opportunity to start a manufacturing organization.

In 1979, while waiting for Mr. McCray's new product to develop, Gerardine found an opportunity to provide circuit board assembly services for Whistler radar detectors. She bought a wave solder machine, hired a few skilled solderers and Cirtronics had its first customer.


  • 1979 - Cirtronics was Founded
  • 1985 - Cirtronics moved to Pine Valley Mill Milford, NH
  • 1995 - Received ISO9001
  • 1999 - Reached $10M in Sales
  • 2000 - Moved to Current Facility (175,000 sq ft)
  • 2001 - Reached $20M in Sales
  • 2002 - Reached $30M in Sales & became an ESOP company
  • 2009 - 30th Anniversary of Cirtronics
  • 2011 - Reached $50M in Sales
  • 2012 - Received ISO13485
  • 2016 - FDA Registered
  • 2018 - Reached $70M in Sales
  • 2019 - Celebrating our 40th Anniversary

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