Cirtronics : Testing Solutions
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Testing Solutions

Cirtronics provides test solutions from Prototype to final Product Integration. From component testing, in-circuit testing, functional testing, ESS burn-in, to final product systems test. Our technical staff can help make recommendations for DFM and DFT. We can assist with design, assembly, or duplication of unique test fixtures or test boxes, and provide aid with functional and system level test integration into our facility. Cirtronics owns a full array of test equipment; from Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies, Digital Meters, HyPot Testers, to custom fixtures and Automated Test equipment that can be utilized for product testing.

Final / System Testing

System level testing is performed after the electronic and mechanical components of a product are assembled. The test is performed to determine complete operations of the final product. As with functional testing, test procedures, schematics, and training on the operations of the product may be required.

  • Integration of Customer Supplied Test Platforms
  • Management of Third Party Test Developers and Fixture Suppliers

PCBA Testing

  • In-Circuit Testing (ICT)
  • Functional
  • JTAG / Boundary Scan
  • HASS
  • Labview
  • Environmental Testing including Temperature and Vibration
  • AOI incorporated as an Inspection Process
  • Flying Probe (external partnership)

Test Reliability

Cirtronics warranties our workmanship to be free from manufacturing defects for up to one year from the date of manufacture. Quality yields are a reflection of the level of testing being performed. Technical personnel can debug to component level within the confines of the specified test.