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Every product begins with a concept.

At Cirtronics, we’ll work with you to maximize the efficiency of the product development cycle. Instead of the traditional time consuming iterative process of design/prototype/test/tweak/redesign, we engage your designers and engineers before prototyping, to ensure the manufacturability of your product. Our dedication to Precision Engagement® means we put our technical expertise and dedication to positive, proactive and productive client relationships to work for you at each step of the product development process, from concept to production.

Design for Supply Chain (DFSC)

DFX is often defined as Design for Excellence, and commonly includes DFM, DFA, DFT, and DFS. But there’s another X that is critical to a project’s success but is often overlooked: Design for Supply Chain (DFSC). Learn more about DFSC.

Design for Manufacturability (DFM)
& Design for Testing (DFT)

How can your product be manufactured successfully and cost effectively?

Let us put our expertise to work for you. Cirtronics’ product manufacturing and design engineering experts use a variety of software tools, analytics and their extensive industry expertise and experience to provide a thorough analysis of the robustness of your design for manufacturability. Our expertise in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) ensures a comprehensive exploration of cost reduction and quality improvement opportunities during the New Product Introduction (NPI) process.

Design and Engineering: Design for Manufacturability & Design for Testing (DFM/DFT)

By engaging your design team prior to prototype build, our product manufacturing engineers provide expert design review services, so that any manufacturability or testability challenges can be identified and addressed.

Save time and money

Identifying manufacturability and testability challenges early on, prior to building product, enables improved manufacturability, and also results in considerable savings through increased efficiency, decreased rework, and improved testability.
Using Precision Engagement®, our Design and Engineering team will help you bring your product to life, so that you can get on to your next great concept.

Let’s collaborate.

We invite you to provide us with the most complete documentation you have, including Gerbers, CAD files, assembly drawings, fab drawings, schematics, test procedures, BOMs, other special instructions and even early prototypes, if you already have them. Our team will work with you to discuss expectations, timelines and critical parameters. We will identify any obstacles that stand between where you are now and your desired production ramp. We can help devise and implement a plan to quickly address any issues so we can move on to building products that meet or exceed your expectations.
Purposeful collaboration. Technical know-how. Clear, respectful communication. This is Precision Engagement®. This is the Cirtronics difference.

Test Solutions

Appropriate product testing can be used to validate and improve product quality—directly impacting your customer’s experience and satisfaction.

Let Cirtronics work with your design and test engineers to develop a test plan strategy and statement of work that satisfy your testing needs.
For both board-level and system-level testing and verification, Cirtronics engineers are ready to partner with your organization to provide the testing support you require from test services to complete test solution project management, including development of tests, fixturing, and a data management process to support device history records.

Test Development and Program Management Example Workflow

  • Review of documentation to determine test strategy
  • Fixture design
  • Software development
  • Test program creation using LabVIEW
  • Material procurement of all fixture-related components
  • Test fixture assembly
  • Program validation
  • Test validation – debug and fault verification
  • Full set of test equipment documentation (BOM, schematic, scope of work, and validation data)
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